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Tag: open-liberty

@RequestScoped + new thread

We use javaEE RequestScoped with OpenLiberty and new threads via EJB @Asynchronous. I am just curious what the actual value comes from when we inject RequestScoped bean inside a new thread? Will the RequestScoped bean be freshly initialized? Or will it be pulled from the latest request? Answer In OpenLiberty, you’ll get a new request scope every time you make

Redisson for JCache Session persistence on WebSphere-Liberty: how to pass redisson-jcache.yaml?

Hello Open Liberty experts, As an R&D effort, I am trying to enable Liberty session persistence backed by Redis via JCache/Redisson. I observe the CLASSPATH seems to be correctly configured via <library> and <httpSessionCache libraryRef> syntax, but the config file is not being passed to org.redisson.jcache.JCacheManager.createCache(). This method is an implementation of javax.cache.CacheManager.createCache() Here is my server.xml: Regardless of what