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Migrate ElasticsearchClient#Msearch JavaApi (8.5)

I cannot figure out the new ElasticsearchClient#Msearch Java API for Multi-Search Requests. In version 7.17 I used the Multisearch request like this: With the new API, you have to use ElasticsearchClient#mSearch(MsearchRequest request, Class<TDocument> tDocumentClass). In MsearchRequest you can add RequestItem with MsearchRequest.Builder#searches(List<RequestItem> list), however the RequestItem contains MultisearchHeader and MultisearchBody but does not implement anything from the SearchRequest object. Any

type=search_phase_execution_exception, reason=all shards failed when i send ‘/’

I’m using elasticSearch with RestHighLevelClient and Java. When I put query: QueryBuilder qb = new QueryStringQueryBuilder(“” + valueSearch.toLowerCase() + “”). Where valueSearch contain “/” -> example REC2/. The searchResponse =, RequestOptions.DEFAULT) return me Caused by: org.elasticsearch.ElasticsearchStatusException: Elasticsearch exception [type=search_phase_execution_exception, reason=all shards failed]. However, when I send Rec2/2/3 or Rec// everything its ok. Version elastic: 7.3.0 Answer The query_string query

Reindex selected _source fields using Rest high level client in java

I want to re_index only selected fields from my document in elasticsearch using Rest High level client. I know the elasticsearch query to achieve that but I don’t know it’s equivalent query using rest client. Following is the elasticsearch query which I am trying to implement using rest client – To write its equivalent query using rest client in java,

elastic search – Java api client range query

I am migrating a java application from elastic search high level client to java api client. There is a range query like this in the code. QueryBuilders.rangeQuery(“startDate”).lte( Need to change this to java api client code. Could someone help on this? Answer

File beat is not transferring data to logstash

Beat input is not transferring to logstash. I have provided filebeat and logstash configuration files below. Input Test.cs file filebeat.yml logstash.conf Answer Kindly to check the filebeat yml file as there an issue with indentation filebeat documentation your filebeat and for information log input is deprecated, instead use filesream input

Elasticsearch stops working after I run the springboot Java program and elasticsearch transport node is not loading in my Java Program

Elasticsearch version 8.1.3 Java version 1.8 Im trying to connect elasticsearch with Java springboot program. My Elasticsearch works fine until I run the Java program, also my java program works fine but with “.d.e.r.s.AbstractElasticsearchRepository : failed to load elasticsearch nodes : org.elasticsearch.client.transport.NoNodeAvailableException: None of the configured nodes are available: [{#transport#-1}{LsJSQJtCS56wr7IM_S0h4Q}{localhost}{}]” on springboot error. Also, as soon as I run my

Getting Exceptions while running a Spring boot app with elasticsearch

I was following this tutorial: and the only changes I made were that I was using maven with eclipse instead. The rest of the code is exactly the same. When I run the app I get: My elasticsearch.yml: I have tried out searching the exceptions online but nothing seems to work. Please help me in figuring this out. Thank