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Tag: elasticsearch

Importing OpenTelemetry trace data from Spring Boot application to Elastic APM – views are missing data

I have a Spring Boot application with Spring Cloud Sleuth, OpenTelemetry instrumentation and OpenTelemetry exporter OTLP. This is a gist of dependencies: spring-cloud-starter-sleuth without Brave, because we are using OpenTelemetry instrumentation spring-cloud-sleuth-otel-autoconfigure which introduces OpenTelemetry instrumentation libs and provides Spring autoconfiguration opentelemetry-exporter-otlp for sending data to apm server I have only basic configuration in my application.yml: With this setup I

enabling Elasticsearch in JHipster results in UnsatisfiedDependencyException: Error creating bean with name ‘userService’

I’ve been trying to build an app with JHipster that can use some advanced filtering, in particular ElasticSearch. Why does it fail when I run it out of the box, without even editing the project ? I am running the following software in Windows 10: Java v15.0.2 node v14.17.4 NPM 6.14.14 Same happens in Ubuntu with: Java v17.0.1 node v16.14.0

ElasticSearch how to aggregation the “copy_to” field

I need to group by 9 fileds and get the count for each group in ElasticSearch, the orignal code use the “Script” and the performance is bad so i need to optimize it. I managed to create a new field and use “copy_to”, but when I aggregate with the new filed i found some problem. I use the ‘srcIp’ and

Name or Service not Known when calling service via spring boot in Openshift Container Platform (a cloud-based Kubernetes container platform)

I have an application which consists of a backend (spring boot) and a search engine (elasticsearch). After I deployed it into OCP, Initially I tested the connection between the two using the command “curl” to elasticsearch service (https://service-name.namespace.svc.cluster.local:9200) from backend pod and it worked. Here’s the picture: However, when I try to access elasticsearch from within the deployed backend application,

Spring data elasticsearch query on multiple indices

I have multiple indices for every day in elasticsearch and I am using ElasticsearchRepository to query my documents. Documents definition: My index will create dynamically for every day with this definition My Repository definition: When I query by client no just returning current day values. Test failed. Current day values returned not searched all indices. Probably Spring data searching a