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Getting Below Jackson exception while building the project

Getting Below build exception while migrating the Springboot project from spring 1.1.1 release to 2.3.12 release . Please help here. Answer This issue seems to be related to a version mismatch. This method was removed some time ago. There is a closed issue for this on swagger plug-in Migrating this difference in versions, I think spring is now shipped

How to compile OpenJDK with OpenJ9 on Linux without a NUMA error?

Hello Stackoverflowers! I am trying to build the OpenJDK with OpenJ9 on Linux, but when I run the configure script, I get the error: Normally it should have just created the config and let me build, because I don’t have multiple CPUs. I have already googled the error message and looked trough and followed the documentation on the projects Github(

Specify the GRADLE_USER_HOME in Windows 7

How do I configure the GRADLE_USER_HOME option? My Windows username contains a space(C:UsersBaz Foo) and I think that the build fails because of this. I have added an environment variable GRADLE_USER_HOME and set it to C:UsersBaz Foo.gradle and tried also with –gradle-user-home=”C:UsersBaz Foo.gradle” but none of them work. Answer I have explicitly defined GRADLE_USER_HOME to point to a path without