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Getting Below Jackson exception while building the project

Getting Below build exception while migrating the Springboot project from spring 1.1.1 release to 2.3.12 release . Please help here. Answer This issue seems to be related to a version mismatch. This method was removed some time ago. There is a closed issue for this on swagger plug-in Migrating this difference in versions, I think spring is now shipped

Artifactory publish with multi-module gradle

Hope all doing well. Today I was working on multi-module gradle project, and trying to publish one of it’s dependency to artifactory as well. my project structure are: build.gradle (main) build.gradle (api) and the task artifactoryPublish produces: Now the issue is that, the modules, like admin-api builds with the name admin-api-0.0.2-RC3-plain.jar, and the resolution of dependency fails in another project,

How to compile OpenJDK with OpenJ9 on Linux without a NUMA error?

Hello Stackoverflowers! I am trying to build the OpenJDK with OpenJ9 on Linux, but when I run the configure script, I get the error: Normally it should have just created the config and let me build, because I don’t have multiple CPUs. I have already googled the error message and looked trough and followed the documentation on the projects Github(

What is the purpose of apply maven plugin in build.gradle?

I keep seeing apply plugin: ‘maven’ in build.gradle files for Java projects. What is the purpose of adding a Maven plugin? I can’t seem to find the plugin when querying for it on Answer Why don’t you just google it? “The Maven plugin adds support for deploying artifacts to Maven repositories.”

Maven compiler cannot resolve import

I’m trying to build multiple eclipse products with maven and tycho. I’m currently stuck on an issue, where a Bundle A is dependent on a class from Bundle B. Bundle B has a package structure similar to: When I now try to build A I get a compile error that looks somewhat like this: If you look closely, you see

Zip directory to multiple destinations using Gradle

Is it possible with Gradle’s Zip task to copy the resulting zip into multiple destinations? AFAIK you can only zip multiple input directories with only one output destination. Is there a way to zip a directory and copy the archive to multiple destinations (in one single task)? Since I’m bound to using Gradle v5.0, a solution for that version of

gradle build broken after dependency update

I use gradle to build a java project (ASCIIGenome). One of the dependencies of ASCIIGenome is a repository on github (htsjdk, as you can see is a fork with some changes of mine). The ASCIIGenome project builds fine if I use this commit of htsjdk in build.gradle: I made edits to htsjdk so now the dependency is and now the

Unzip specific zip file from nested zip file using ANT

I have a zip file ex. ‘’ that contains 2 more zip files within it – and I want to only extract contents of and leave untouched. I did try out the below code snippet, but found no luck yet – Please advise how this could be achieved. Answer From the unzip task’s documentation: Only file

Gradle migration 3.1.4 -> 3.5.1; :app module doesn’t compile; ClassNotFoundException: Didn’t find class on path: DexPathList

I have two applications where I face the same issue while trying to update project target API from 27 to 29. To do this, first I need to update Gradle plugin at least to 3.2.+. Project is building fine with 3.1.4, but as soon as I rise Gradle plugin to: classpath ‘ distributionUrl= (Same error with 3.2.1 and higher) I