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Tag: tycho

Could not find maven-metadata.xml in local during release

I have a local Eclipse RCP project on my Windows machine. One of my remote repositories is used for development and the other for staging during release. The tools used during build and release are Maven, Git, SSH and GitHub. I can build and run tests without any issues: but when I perform a release prepare: I end up with

Maven compiler cannot resolve import

I’m trying to build multiple eclipse products with maven and tycho. I’m currently stuck on an issue, where a Bundle A is dependent on a class from Bundle B. Bundle B has a package structure similar to: When I now try to build A I get a compile error that looks somewhat like this: If you look closely, you see

Resolve a dependency on package sun.misc with Tycho

I try to convert a Buckminster-based build to Tycho (0.19.0). In our (mirrored) target platform we have the bundle com.lmax.disruptor from which imports the package “sun.misc” When I try to build our own bundle (that depends on com.lmax.disruptor) I get: [ERROR] Missing requirement: com.lmax.disruptor 3.2.0 requires ‘package sun.misc 0.0.0’ but it could not be found I checked many Tycho

Tycho cannot resolve fragment dependency on other fragment

I want to create an extension for org.eclipse.swt as a fragment. I have created a bundle swt.extension with the following MANIFEST.MF: Also, I have created an interface which extends an interface from SWT: When I build my project with tycho (mvn clean install) the following error occurs: It seems that tycho resolves only org.eclipse.swt jar. This is a host bundle