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Resolve a dependency on package sun.misc with Tycho

I try to convert a Buckminster-based build to Tycho (0.19.0). In our (mirrored) target platform we have the bundle com.lmax.disruptor from which imports the package "sun.misc"

When I try to build our own bundle (that depends on com.lmax.disruptor) I get:

[ERROR] Missing requirement: com.lmax.disruptor 3.2.0 requires ‘package sun.misc 0.0.0’ but it could not be found

I checked many Tycho tutorials but none of them contained such a dependency. Is there a way to import that package e.g., from the executing JRE?


When I add the disruptor bundle as a library to my bundle then it works without problems. But this seams more like a workaround because I will have other bundles that depend on it too.



The problem is that none of the standard OSGi execution environments exposes the package sun.misc, so the bundle using this package will not work on a standard OSGi runtime. This is what the build failure is telling you.

So if you had a standard OSGi runtime (note that Equinox is special here because of its osgi.compatibility.bootdelegation option), you’d need to tell the OSGi runtime to expose additional packages from the boot class path. A way to do this (so that Tycho also understands your intention) is to build a system bundle fragment which declares an Export-Package of sun.misc.

This has been reported to work, but I haven’t tried this myself.

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