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Tag: compiler-errors

How can I implement interface correctly?

I am doing homework of making a simple calculator using java and interface in java. but the class that implements java gives error saying here is the code Answer There are a couple of issues here. First, since BasicCalculator is a public class, it needs to be defined in its own file named Second, the method names in BasicCalculator

How to compile OpenJDK with OpenJ9 on Linux without a NUMA error?

Hello Stackoverflowers! I am trying to build the OpenJDK with OpenJ9 on Linux, but when I run the configure script, I get the error: Normally it should have just created the config and let me build, because I don’t have multiple CPUs. I have already googled the error message and looked trough and followed the documentation on the projects Github(

Can’t access file when Compile 2 package

I’m a newbie, I have learned Java for 2 months by self-study. I often use the command line to run files because I use Atom IDE. I just want to complile 2 simple packages “package1” & “package2”. Like the image, these 2 packages and a folder name target (to compile) inside “part3” folder. In package1 have a file name

java package does not exist -> Java Error

I have a file named “”, that contains my main function, and when I try to compile it, I receive a message: Errors when trying to compile the code I also have the folders “modelo” and “visao”, which contains some files that I imported on the class I tried to compile Folder modelo: Imports I made on So I