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What is the use of the “dup2_x2” instruction in JVM bytecode?

Java has a dup2_x2 instruction which, according to the documentation, has the following behavior: Duplicate the top one or two values on the operand stack and insert the duplicated values, in the original order, into the operand stack. Does javac produce bytecode with this instruction? What are its potential use cases? Answer For example, the following code compiles to See,

How to get from parse tree to Java class file

I am working on a command-line tool with the following functionality: Parse modified .java files using an extended ANTLR4 Java9 grammar. The syntax in the files is Java, with one modification to the method declaration which includes a purpose, like in this example: public void {marketing} sendEmail() {} Collect and remove all purposes using a visitor. Collection and analysis of

IntelliJ 2021.2.2 gives error ‘java: error: invalid source release: 18’ when compiling program

I’ve looked trough many answers here on so but haven’t found anything helpful. I am using java version 16.0.1 My program doesn’t use maven or gradle. The program worked fine until I updated my ij earlier today. Full error: Here are the files from .idea and the .iml file:!AoGu278qdPOWgm-D3ns61-gqA4Ts?e=OWg0NB Please tell if you need any more information (: Answer

Javac – plugin not found

I am trying to make my own Javac plugin but things aren’t going so well already 🙁 I am following this tutorial: and when I want to test the first …

Android: javac vs Dalvik

My understanding is that Google didn’t like Oracle’s licensing policy for using the JRE in Java ME so it just rewrote it using its own JVM specification that mimics the JRE but behaves a little bit differently, especially when it comes to making things more efficient and more secure. So, if my understanding is correct, it means that when javac