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ZipFile : Wrong values when reading

I am creating a zip file with one directory and an single compressed text file inside of it. Code to create the zip file Upon writing the file the size of the byte data uncompressed is 23 bytes and the size of the data compressed is 15. I am using every method inside ZipEntry just to test if i can

Put a file Json (array) into a zip file [Java]

Hello I’m new to java and my english is not good as well lmao I need to put a file json (it’s an array json) in a file zip trought java but i tried multiple solution and doesn’t work 🙁 this is my code: any help ? regards Answer You are creating a ZipEntry but you are not adding the

Create a large zip assembly with maven-assembly-plugin

I’m having a problem with creating a larger zip assembly (uncompressed takes over 3GB) using maven-assembly-plugin. The problem occurs when building the output zip file (compressed less than 1GB). Running maven with option -e gives me a more detailed info: Looking around I found that the issue comes from missing support for Zip64 in my JDK/JRE (, which was added