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Write CSV file inside zip file using FileSystem

I want read the CSV files inside the zip file and edit the record based on some condition. I am using FileSystem class to create zip file system and then edit csv files. I used the below code read csv files erro log => I wans able to read the and edit the files using inputStream from Path object and

ZipEntry is not writing file into directory

I am trying to write multiple files into a directory and a zip file. that directory and zip file are supposed to be contained in another zip. so my desired zip structure would look like this: When I read my files into a byte[] and write them into my directory testDirectory nothing is written into the directory. the directory is

ZipFile : Wrong values when reading

I am creating a zip file with one directory and an single compressed text file inside of it. Code to create the zip file Upon writing the file the size of the byte data uncompressed is 23 bytes and the size of the data compressed is 15. I am using every method inside ZipEntry just to test if i can

Put a file Json (array) into a zip file [Java]

Hello I’m new to java and my english is not good as well lmao I need to put a file json (it’s an array json) in a file zip trought java but i tried multiple solution and doesn’t work 🙁 this is my code: any help ? regards Answer You are creating a ZipEntry but you are not adding the

Zipping CSV file using Java produces zip file with lesser bytes

I’ve a simple Java code which creates a ZIP file using one CSV file. The code is working fine and produces the zip file just right. But, the zip file size(bytes) are different that the one I create using Windows zipping tool or something like 7zip. I need to know if there is any Java library which can create zip

Jersey Client download ZIP file and unpack efficiently

So, I have a server application that returns ZIP files and I’m working with huge files (>=5GB). I am then using the jersey client to do a GET request from this application after which I want to basically extract the ZIP and save it as a folder. This is the client configuration: And here’s the code fetching the response from