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Tag: compression

File To Store Data in J2ME

I’m writing a J2ME dictionary app and I’m stuck on which is the best way to store the content in the app. I don’t want the app to be too big. I want to store the descriptions of the words in a dictionary. Please help me. I know about RMS but I don’t want to use RMS because all the

How to efficiently predict if data is compressible

I want to write a storage backend to store larger chunks of data. The data can be anything, but it is mainly binary files (images, pdfs, jar files) or text files (xml, jsp, js, html, java…). I found most of the data is already compressed. If everything is compressed, about 15% disk space can be saved. I am looking for

How to I find out the size of a GZIP section embedded in firmware?

I am currently analyzing firmware images which contain many different sections, one of which is a GZIP section. I am able to know the location of the start of the GZIP section using magic number and the GZIPInputStream in Java. However, I need to know the compressed size of the gzip section. GZIPInputStream would return me the uncompressed file size.