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Tag: gzip

Kotlin gzip uncompress fail

I try to simplify my java gzip uncompress code to kotlin. But after I changed, it sames broken. Here is the java code public static byte[] uncompress(byte[] compressedBytes) { if (null == …

How to I find out the size of a GZIP section embedded in firmware?

I am currently analyzing firmware images which contain many different sections, one of which is a GZIP section. I am able to know the location of the start of the GZIP section using magic number and the GZIPInputStream in Java. However, I need to know the compressed size of the gzip section. GZIPInputStream would return me the uncompressed file size.

Working with Zip and GZip files in Java

It’s been a while since I’ve done Java I/O, and I’m not aware of the latest “right” ways to work with Zip and GZip files. I don’t necessarily need a full working demo – I’m primarily looking for the right interfaces and methods to be using. Yes, I could look up any random tutorial on this, but performance is an