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CSV parsing with univocity-parsers and backslash-escaped quotes

I’m having some trouble parsing CSV with backslash escaped qoutes “. Most of lines in source CSV don’t include escaped quotes but where there are I can’t seem to find appropriate settings for correct parsing. CSV example (each line with 4 columns): CSV parser settings: Code snippet: Lines are parsed correctly until two escaped quotes are present in one line.

How do I count word occurrences in a csv file?

I have a CSV file that I need to read and display the number of occurrences of each word, the application should only count words that have more than one letter and not alphanumerical also turned to lowercase. This is what I have right now and I’m stuck at this and have no ideas where to go from this. I

HttpMessageConverter for Single Object and List of Object

I have an Object (here: Property) and I want to add csv export ability to my Spring Backend for single and list of objects. I added this to my config: and the Property Converter looks like this: This code works for a Single Property. When I try to return a list of Properties: I tried to add a PropertyListConverter but

creating exploitable .csv file for java program

I’m both new to JAVA and .csv file so bear with me please! Here’s my problem, i have this word file : basically i have a theme (here Science) a difficulty level, a question number, a question, available answers and a right answer I would like to be able to create a .csv file that i could then exploint in

Clickable Email Link in Csv File created through Java Application

I am facing issue’s while Creating clickable email link in csv through Java. While I am using simple FileWriter class To generate the csv file. The email is displaying as plain text, but after I double click the cell to edit and then I click out of the cell, then only its displaying as expected “underline blue colored hyperlink”. I

Zipping CSV file using Java produces zip file with lesser bytes

I’ve a simple Java code which creates a ZIP file using one CSV file. The code is working fine and produces the zip file just right. But, the zip file size(bytes) are different that the one I create using Windows zipping tool or something like 7zip. I need to know if there is any Java library which can create zip