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Clickable Email Link in Csv File created through Java Application

I am facing issue’s while Creating clickable email link in csv through Java. While I am using simple FileWriter class To generate the csv file. The email is displaying as plain text, but after I double click the cell to edit and then I click out of the cell, then only its displaying as expected “underline blue colored hyperlink”. I

Zipping CSV file using Java produces zip file with lesser bytes

I’ve a simple Java code which creates a ZIP file using one CSV file. The code is working fine and produces the zip file just right. But, the zip file size(bytes) are different that the one I create using Windows zipping tool or something like 7zip. I need to know if there is any Java library which can create zip

Using CSVWriter to write a string array – some with quotes and some without

I see some other questions about CSVWriter writing to files and quotes. But nothing as specific as my issue. I want to print something like: abc,def,ghi,”jkl”,mno,pqr When I just write: what gets printed out is: “abc”,”def”,”ghi”,”jkl”,”mno”,”pqr” So i tried: which gives me: abc,def,ghi,jkl,mno,pqr But I need the quotes on jkl. So I tried something like: which surprisingly gives me: abc,def,ghi,””jkl””,mno,pqr

How to map a CSV to Object with List using CsvMapper?

I’m trying to map a Csv file to an Object what instances List of Objects using CsvMapper, is that even possible? Example: Content of Csv file (without header): Field 1: name Field 2: gender Field 3: hobby (List comma separated) Field 4: relation Example class: Thank you in advance. Answer I found myself a solution: I used common-cdv (apache) as