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How to parse TOML document with Java

In my Java app I get a TOML document from REST service response as String and I look how to parse it and convert to Java objects. Ideally I’d like to use some existing mapper library for deserialization, something like Jackson or Gson for JSON objects. Are there any options in Java ecosystem for that? Answer There are several libraries

Protocol error trying to parse XML response in Java

I am successfully making an API call that is a SOAP request with an account number in the body. I connected using Httpurlconnection and I am reading those results using BufferedReader: Then using documentbuilderfactory to build the doc to read into the parser: And then try to parse: NodeList returnList = xmlDom.getElementsByTagName(“DATA”); This is the error I get (which includes

Is there any way to write this small piece of code in java? [closed]

Closed. This question needs details or clarity. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Add details and clarify the problem by editing this post. Closed 12 months ago. Improve this question I am unable to understand the below code so, Is there any way to write this piece of code in java (Easy Manner)? Someone told

Char variable minus char variable parse to Int in java

I know this is trivial, but I can’t find the proper explication. I have the following code How does this parsing work? Answer As long as the character is a digit, you can get the equivalent int value by subtracting ‘0’. The ASCII coding for ‘0’ is decimal 48, ‘1’ is decimal 49, etc. So ‘8’ – ‘0’ = 56

Separate definitions of decimal number and word in ANTLR grammar

I’m working on defining a grammar in ANTLR4 which includes words and numbers separately. Numbers are described: and words are described: The simplified grammar below describes the addition between either a word or a letter (and needs to be defined recursively like this): The issue is that when I enter ‘d3’ into the parser, I get a returned instance of