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Tag: io

Write CSV file inside zip file using FileSystem

I want read the CSV files inside the zip file and edit the record based on some condition. I am using FileSystem class to create zip file system and then edit csv files. I used the below code read csv files erro log => I wans able to read the and edit the files using inputStream from Path object and

Why am I getting “NoSuchElementException” When I can print everything from textfile?

I’m able to read everything from the text file and print the data yet I get a “No Such Element” Exception. All the solutions i’ve found say to use “HasNext” in while loop and yet it doesn’t seem to work for me public void fileReader() throws IOException { C001,Toyota,Yaris,Sedan,2012,4,Blue,50,15,10,10 C002,Toyota,Corolla,Hatch,2020,4,White,45,20,10,10 C003,Toyota,Kluger,SUV,2019,7,Grey,70,20,20,10 C004,Audi,A3,Sedan,2015,5,Red,65,10,20,10 C005,Holden,Cruze,Hatch,2020,4,Green,70,10,10,10 C006,BMW,X5,SUV,2018,7,White,100,25,20,10 C007,BMW,320i,Sedan,2021,5,Grey,75,10,15,N/A C008,Ford,Focus,Sedan,2014,5,Red,45,10,10,N/A C009,Ford,Puma,SUV,2015,5,Black,70,20,15,20 This is the

Why doesn’t traditional Java BIO api need direct buffer?

Since JDK 1.4, Direct Buffer was introduced along with Java NIO. One reason of it is Java GC may move the memory. Therefore the buffer data must be put off heap. I’m wondering why traditional Java blocking IO api (BIO) doesn’t need a direct buffer? Does BIO use something like direct buffer internally, or are there some other mechanisms to

how to implement ByteArrayOutputStream?

I need help with implementing an byteArrayOutputStream that stores the output from the server, which I can then read from and print. Does anyone know how to do this? Any help would be much appreciated. TCPAsk: Edit: my code is now working and it is similar to the answer (TCPClient) given below with some minor additions. ByteArrayOutputStream is not needed.

Efficient way to get line number of bunch of string from a file

I want to search a list of strings from the file and get the line number. I am looking for an efficient way to do it. I don’t want to search one string at a time and open and close file. Answer Store the line numbers where each String appears in the file using a HashMap<String, List<Integer>>. This will allow

How can I output a random image when in a jar file?

The below code works when running from my editor but the image fails to load when compiled into a runnable jar file with eclipse. Could someone please suggest how I can modify my code or editor to load the files when compiled. I have read other methods of accessing files but since I need to select randomly from a folder,

Writing multiple lines using PrintWriter in Java

I am sorry if this question is already answered on the internet but by looking at the ‘similar questions’ I couldn’t find an answer for my problem. So basically I’m trying to understand why using PrintWriter to write lines of text into a file apparently skips the first line every 2 lines I give. This is the method I use