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Accessing a COSArray for PDF fields with Apache PDFBox

I’m trying to access all form fields in a PDF file – so I can use code to fill them in – and this is as far as I’ve gotten: which gives an output of: Does anyone know how I can access the two COSObjects in the COSArray? I also don’t know what the notation COSObject{x, y} means, and can’t

COSStream has been closed and cannot be read

I have next code in my project and time to time it falls with COSStream has been closed and cannot be read. Perhaps its enclosing PDDocument has been closed? It happens in different time and with different workload, so I want to fix it. Thanks in advance. and here part that load resourse: Answer You use streams from template documents

Can’t get a image from resources

I have problem to get an image from another package of my Eclipse project! I saw this post here My code is this I getting this exception: I don’t know what I am doing wrong? Maybe is the a lot hour a have spend already infront of my monitor. Here is my project structure: Thanks for your attention and