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Tag: pdfbox

Radiobutton display problems with PDFBox

I used the code from the answer from this question to create my radiobuttons: How to Create a Radio Button Group with PDFBox 2.0 After I created my PDF and tried to read the (programatically) selected value from it, this code worked fine: When I open the PDF in Acrobat Reader DC, make changes and save it again the code

Can’t get a image from resources

I have problem to get an image from another package of my Eclipse project! I saw this post here My code is this I getting this exception: I don’t know what I am doing wrong? Maybe is the a lot hour a have spend already infront of my monitor. Here is my project structure: Thanks for your attention and

Watermarking with PDFBox

I am trying to add a watermark to a PDF specifically with PDFBox. I’ve been able to get the image to appear on each page, but it loses the background transparency because it appears as though PDJpeg …