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How can I print out in the “while” section of a do while loop in java?

This is my current code. I would like it to return a System.out.println(“Please enter a number above zero”) if the user enters a “0”. It currently just repeats, if the user enters 0 Currently, it checks if the user has entered a 0 and repeats. Answer Although I would add expected value in the question. On error, your recommended string

Returning a value from one method to another to be used in the output

I can’t figure out how to return the value of finalCost to the main method and have it printed. Specifically, I can’t find how to use the returned value in the “println” line. Answer You call calcMonthlyCharge(downloadLimit),but don’t store the returnvalue. When you call System.out.println(“Plan monthly cost: ” + calcMonthlyCharge(finalCost) ); It is unknown what finalcost is, this is a

Java print() not printing until println() NetBeans

I just installed NetBeans 12.6 today, and I’m having an issue with System.out.print() in the code I pasted below. For some reason, the print() in removeValue doesn’t print until the println() in the for loop in main. When I ran this code in BlueJ, everything worked fine. Is something wrong with my NetBeans or ?? Desired output would look something

Lines on printout of iText7 PDF have different length on paper

Only some of our testers report a strange look of all lines on the printout of an iText7 generated PDF (see image). The generated PDF looks perfect and the flaw only appears on paper. Most users have no issue, whatsoever. Any suggestions regarding known issues of printers, drivers or hints on how to reproduce or localize the problem would be

Print Web page on 4 inch printer from mobile

I am developing a mobile web application. On the form when the user press Print button I need to print the page on a 4 inch printer. My question is how can I connect to the printer from the mobile web browser(may be using bluetooth, USB). My application will be running on all type of smart phones(Andriod , IOS, Windows,