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Tag: simulation

How to run example with simulation package in Java?

Need help to run examples in the JavaSim simulation package. The example is available at: examples/src/main/java/org/javasim/examples/basic Screenshot is attached of the error Note that I also performed in Eclipse: Right click on the project folder -> Properties Choose ‘Java Build Path’ Click on ‘Sources’ tab on top Click on ‘Add Folder’ on the right panel Selected folder examples

Scheduling Simulation Run in Anylogic

I am working on workshop model where i have set of service blocks and resource pools associated with it. I want to run the Simulation for 8 hours on daily basis but is should run for a week. For example the run time is 80 hours, model start on 3 -sept at 8:00AM and run till 3-sept 4:00PM, now model