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Tag: anylogic

Anylogic-how to calculate distance between pedestrians

I use the pedestrian library (use the ped source, ped Goto, and ped sink) and want to simulate the sidewalk environment. The goal of this model is to get the data that the distance between pedestrians is less than 1m. So, I try to calculate the distance between pedestrians. In the Anylogic, the information of pedestrians can be collected by

Anylogic. NullPointerException. Error when executing a discrete event

I’m doing a project for studying. There is an agent with 2 variables that take the value True or False using the randomTrue() function. The construction of the project does not reveal errors. At startup, it throws an error when executing a discrete event:NullPointerException. Not a single agent was entered into the system. On source 0. I tried to change

Scheduling Simulation Run in Anylogic

I am working on workshop model where i have set of service blocks and resource pools associated with it. I want to run the Simulation for 8 hours on daily basis but is should run for a week. For example the run time is 80 hours, model start on 3 -sept at 8:00AM and run till 3-sept 4:00PM, now model