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Center shape defined in Cartesian coordinates in JPanel

I have a shape (triangle for example) defined in Cartesian coordinates and I’d like to translate the shape to the center of a JPanel. I’ve been able to translate about the JPanel’s 0,0 orientation, but I can’t figure out how to center based on the JPanel’s width and height. I’d like to be able to center any shape defined by

Java awt draw elements around a circle

I’m currently writing a little game and I came over a problem. I need to draw 64 small circles at the border of a big circle. So I want something like this: I’ve already tried many things, but they didn’t worked. How can this be done in java, using the java.awt.Component#paint() method and the java.awt.Graphics class? Thanks. Answer So, your

How do I align a JPanel centered underneath another JPanel?

I have the following GUI that I’m working on. panel1 contains the titel and titelInput . At the moment I am setting the BorderLayout of panel1 to BorderLayout.NORTH and panel2 to BorderLayout.CENTER to see if it is possible to see both (which it is not). As far as I know, panel2 overlays panel1 because BorderLayout is always centered in the

Why is the swing gui behaving strange?

I just started making my Java application on Minesweeper. The idea is a GridLayout JPanel inside a JFrame. But after executing the program I get some weird window. There is this strange gray corner on …