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Tag: nullpointerexception

Loading images/files inside jar

There are already heaps of answers to this problem. I have also tried a lot of them. I have not found a solution yet. I load some images within my project (Swing – ImageIcons). In the run dialog all of them are also displayed in my GUI. But after compiling the program can’t be started at all. The error messages

Why list.contains(null) throwing null pointer exception?

I have List<Long> countriesList which contains Long values which are country ids. Now I am iterating over some List<UserRequests> list by using streams. I tried to debug by evaluating individual statements. I have made sure countriesList have some data First part CollectionUtils.isNotEmpty(countriesList) is returning true. userRequest is also not null but userRequest.getCountryId() is null. And when I evaluated countriesList.contains(userRequest.getCountryId()), I