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Tag: image-processing

Can’t create an image file in Java

What I need to do is I have a input image file and I need to change it as user’s parameters. For example if user wants to make it %30 darker, first I get all pixels with their RGB values and store them in an 2D array. Sample array given below. After that I overwrite that RGB values (in our

How to check if contours are the same?

I’ve got two images, the second one is the first one after modification. I find contours of two images and then check if there any same contours. The problem is, that despite contours being the same (drawing contours of one image and another one gives totally same results) after checking that it never becomes true that one contour is equal

Getting Mats from frames in a gif using OpenCV and Java

I am trying to get frames from a gif using OpenCV. I found Convert each animated GIF frame to a separate BufferedImage and used the second suggestion. I modified it slightly to return an array of Mats instead of BufferedImages. I tried two methods to get bufferedImages from the gif. Each presented different problems. With the previous thread’s suggestion The

Solving native open cv code error in for developing panorama on android

I am trying to develop an android application for generating panoramic images usig feature of image stitching in Open CV. I have used the code give on the site given below. There is an error shown in the log cat shown below. Please guide me how to solve the error. This is the screenshot of the native.cpp file where

PNGj: Row writing order

The purpose is to draw a small image inside another image at some specified area. Is there any possibility to change only specified rows and avoid rewriting of entire lines of the origin image? I …

How to scale a BufferedImage

Following the javadocs, I have tried to scale a BufferedImage without success here is my code: I can’t understand why it is not working, any help? Answer AffineTransformOp offers the additional flexibility of choosing the interpolation type. The fragment shown illustrates resampling, not cropping; this related answer addresses the issue; some related examples are examined here.