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Tag: for-loop

Printing multiple user input from a loop

This is a two part question. 1) how do I print all userinput if the loop runs more than once , I am aware the old string assigned to the variable gets erased each time. 2) how do i calculate the total task duration across all tasks for the amount of times the loop runs. thanks. Answer You can create

Find the first Recurring letter in Java

I wrote the code as follows but it doesn’t return the first recurring letter properly. Example: In the word “statistics” the recurring letters are s, t, and i. But the letter t recurs sooner than the letter s and i, but my program returns s instead of t. What do I need to do for it to return t, using

Do a task with interval in a loop

I already saw many question here but nothing worked for me. I wanted to set the text in a text view after every 1 second. This is what I tried: This does the task immediately and only the last number is seen. Then this: in this the screen shows blank white and after 90 seconds, I see the last number.