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Changing current windows language in intellij idea

At my primary pc i am changing current language using shift+alt(i believe that this is default for windows) but on another pc(it is not mine, but im allowed to code on it) it is done by shift+ctrl and it is uncomfortable. Can i add or maybe there is already a key shortcut in intellij that i can change to “emulate”

Java: FileOutputStream(“NUL:”) not working after Java upgrade

On Windows, NUL is the null output device similar to /dev/null on Linux. With Oracle Java 8 Update 331, trying to get a new FileOutputStream(“NUL:”) throws an exception. Previously (Java 8u321) it worked fine. The problem seems to be the colon: new FileOutputStream(“NUL”) – OK new FileOutputStream(“NUL:”) – exception Can anyone point me to docs or JDK sources regarding this

Windows AD unable to reset password from code

From code trying to reset AD user password and using the same  password further to login from other services. But AD is not authenticating the user.  In AD we are updating userPassword, holcimIsRegistered and userAccountControl attributes from our code to reset the password. When we are manually resetting AD user password from ADSI (right click on user -> go to reset password → reset the password) then AD is authenticating the user with the new password. Neither userPassword nor unicodePwd attributes

Unable to create FileWriter

I am trying to create a FileWriter instance pointing to a folder were everyone has write access: And I am getting with detail message: The folder exists and if I stop in debugger and evaluate expression below it always returns true as it should: I don’t understand what is going on. I am using intelij and I have Windows

Generate install4j application launcher, that executes batch file

I have a legacy Batch-File that starts up my application after doing some configuration. Trying to migrate to install4j i ran into the problem, that i cannot generate a launcher that only executes the batch file and gives me all the perks a generated launcher would offer. The current (pretty ugly tbh) workaround is to package a separate executable jar

Maven error: Could not find or load main class And Unable to Edit System Variables

I have Maven installed, and it was working fine yesterday, however now it is displaying the infamous (Maven error: Could not find or load main class org.codehaus.plexus.classworlds.launcher.Launcher) error… In other solutions, it seems that the system variable needs to be edited from M2_HOME to M3_HOME. Yet, I am unable to edit my system environment variables (also pictured). Any suggestions for

Java creates temp folder with shortened path and throws ‘Not found’ exception when trying to access files placed in it

so I did run into one very weird issue. The idea is simple: create temp dir, place some files in it and then try to access them. Now the problem is that calling File.createTempDir() or Files.createTempDirectory(prefix) creates new file inside AppData/Local/temp with shortened path, so the full path to folder looks something like C:/Users/FirstNam~1/AppData/Local/Temp/myFolder/myFile.txt instead of C:/Users/FirstName LastName/AppData/Local/Temp/myFolder.myFile.txt. The difference

Intellij Idea fails to start with VPN enabled

I am having a trouble with launching Intellij Idea Ultimate Edition 2021.1.2 (also tried 2020.3.1) with VPN enabled (I am using GlobalProtect) on Windows 10. I’ve been working on this setup for quite a long time, but recently something went wrong with no obvious changes made. So, after launching Intellij Idea I get an error window with following: After I