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Tag: active-directory

Windows AD unable to reset password from code

From code trying to reset AD user password and using the same  password further to login from other services. But AD is not authenticating the user.  In AD we are updating userPassword, holcimIsRegistered and userAccountControl attributes from our code to reset the password. When we are manually resetting AD user password from ADSI (right click on user -> go to reset password → reset the password) then AD is authenticating the user with the new password. Neither userPassword nor unicodePwd attributes

Error creating a login using LDAP

I’m trying to create a page with spring to authenticate using ldap. I followed the official guide but trying to connect to my active directory instead of a test code. WebSecurityConfig StackTrace I think the error is in the LDAP connection, but I think I have all the parameters fine. If you need more information please, tell me.