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Tag: ldap

Container based LDAP authentication with Jboss and Spring boot

I’ve a simple API that returns a string. My objective is to secure my API using LDAP authentication. I’ve my LDAP configured in my JBoss EAP 7.1 under the security-domain. I’ve defined my security constraint in the web.xml and the corresponding security-domain in my jboss-web.xml This is my first shot to integrate LDAP with REST API. Not sure what went

LDAPS : Simple bind failed

I’m facing issue connecting to LDAPS from my application. I have imported all necessary certificates on JRE keystore. I’m able to make calls to LDAPs when I put the following string in …

Error creating a login using LDAP

I’m trying to create a page with spring to authenticate using ldap. I followed the official guide but trying to connect to my active directory instead of a test code. WebSecurityConfig StackTrace I think the error is in the LDAP connection, but I think I have all the parameters fine. If you need more information please, tell me.

Rmiregistry vs LDAP

I have recently discovered the Java RMI API and I am using the Rmiregistry to store and get the remote objects. Then, I saw that we can use LDAP to do this task. I was interseted by this approach but …