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enabling Elasticsearch in JHipster results in UnsatisfiedDependencyException: Error creating bean with name ‘userService’

I’ve been trying to build an app with JHipster that can use some advanced filtering, in particular ElasticSearch. Why does it fail when I run it out of the box, without even editing the project ? I am running the following software in Windows 10: Java v15.0.2 node v14.17.4 NPM 6.14.14 Same happens in Ubuntu with: Java v17.0.1 node v16.14.0

Jhipster4: what are the benefits of using DTO

Jhipster4 adds Data Transfer Objects (DTO) just what is the benefit of using DTO objects? Answer Main benefit is to control more precisely which properties you expose from your entities and also to expose entity aggregates rather than single entities.