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Optaplanner – spring BeanCreationException

I’m migrating Optaplanner from v7.x to v8.14 on a project that uses spring-boot (as a web api). I’ve added the optaplanner-spring-boot-starter dependency to the project, however when starting the application, I got the following error : The project is in two separated modules, one with everything related to Optaplanner (the config.xml, the .drl, the Solution, etc), the other is the

OptaPlanner Multithreading: Can I retrieve internally resolved “moveThreadCount” for reproducibility?

OptaPlanner v8.0.0.Final I want to set my OptaPlanner engine configs’ moveThreadCounts to AUTO, but I need to be able to reproduce runs even if it means I must take the moveThreadCount value from the logs/stdout/whatever (that is the plan). I see the value is resolved in DefaultSolverFactory::buildSolver line 82: This value is then saved to a HeuristicConfigPolicy on line 90

Optaplanner – NullPointerException when creating jar file

My program works fine from my IDE (IntelliJ) but for some reason, when I try to create a jar file I get following error when I run the program from a terminal: Exception in thread “main” java.lang.NullPointerException at org.optaplanner.core.config.score.director.ScoreDirectorFactoryConfig.buildDroolsScoreDirectorFactory( org.optaplanner.core.config.score.director.ScoreDirectorFactoryConfig.buildScoreDirectorFactory( org.optaplanner.core.config.solver.SolverConfig.buildSolver( org.optaplanner.core.impl.solver.AbstractSolverFactory.buildSolver( org.optaplanner.EmployeeRoster.main( This is my line 31 in EmployeeRoster: SOLVER_CONFIG_XML is a String containing my path for my XML