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Tag: code-generation

What “no code generation“ in Spring Boot means

Spring Boot doc states “Absolutely no code generation and no requirement for XML configuration.” What is “code generation” in that context? Answer It states that Spring Boot doesn’t generate or edit code Spring Boot does not generate code or make edits to your files. Instead, when you start your application, Spring Boot dynamically wires up beans and settings and applies

Access Kotlin Jooq generated sources in JAVA

I am using Jooq 3.14.7 version to generate Kotlin sources. My code base has both Java and Kotlin class and we are transitioning to Kotlin. I am able to access Jooq sources in Kotlin class like below (FetchBooks.kt) But in Java classes I have to go like this below ( This seems a pretty messy way in Java. Any suggestions?

jHipster: how to generate only entities during jdl import

jHipster: how to generate only entities during jdl import or entities plus dto and mappers? Answer To generate just entities (and skip application JDL generation), you can pass –ignore-application. The full command will look like: jhipster import-jdl jhipster-jdl.jh –ignore-application If you want DTOs and Mappers, add dto * with mapstruct to the bottom of your JDL. More info in the