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Tag: jooq

Is it possible to map jooq Record from string

I have a case where I need to map jooq Record from json to class instance. We have used our own mapper for this in the past, but underlying table had only basic types so it was working fine. Now we have a need to map Postgres interval type to jooq YearToSecond and it is not working anymore. I was

Pass String array to Oracle query using jOOQ

I’m using the jOOQ code generator to call an query from an Oracle package. One of the parameters of the query is a String array. The first issue, is that the code generator used Object as the type of the parameter. The generated documentation tells me to use an explicit Binding, but doesn’t say how or where. I assume I

JOOQ Setup Oracle with Maven Code Generation

I am trying to setup an Oracle database with JOOQ on Maven for Code Generation. Currently trying to connect with Oracle Database JDBC. The following example from resource is Postgresql. What is the syntax for Dependencies for Oracle setup? Answer Newer versions of ojdbc are now on Maven Central, too, e.g. Please refer to Oracle’s documentation for more information.

Coalesce jsonArrayAgg to empty array in jOOQ

What is the equivalent for coalesce in the new jOOQ 3.14 SQL/JSON supporting version (in PostgreSQL)? The following unfortunately fails with the error “COALESCE types json and uuid[] cannot be matched”. Answer JSON.json() or JSONB.jsonb(), e.g.: But you can also use the jsonArray() or jsonbArray() constructors:

jOOQ JSON query results in ORA-00979

I’m trying to execute this query to an Oracle 19c database: But I get Does jOOQs JSON feature not work with Oracle? Answer This isn’t related to your JSON usage. The same thing would have happened if you removed all of it and wrote this query instead: Your query would work in MySQL, PostgreSQL or standard SQL, where you can