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Change in LIMIT clause while upgrading jooq from 3.14.6 to 3.17.5

I am trying to upgrade JOOQ from 3.14.6 to 3.17.5. I am observing that generated SQL across two versions are different Jooq 3.14.6 In Jooq 3.17.5 Can someone let me know If there are any settings in jooq codegen (version 3.17.5) which will allow me to have the generated SQL same as in 3.14.6? Is there any documentation link which

JOOQ add prefix to pojo class name

I am generating the pojo classes with jooq codegen, I am trying to create them with a prefix, but I cannot understand how to do it. I am using this configuration to generate them From what I understand I have to create a class that extends “DefaultGeneratorStrategy” with the override on the “getJavaClassName” method Answer From the way you phrased

Set the database current timestamp while inserting using JOOQ

I am using the following code segment to do the insertion using JOOQ’s UpdatableRecord. When setting the AcceptedAt data, I want to use the database’s current timestamp instead of passing the JVM timestamp. Is there any way to do that in JOOQ? Answer can only set Field<T> => T key/values, not Field<T> => Field<T>, so you cannot set an

Is it possible to map jooq Record from string

I have a case where I need to map jooq Record from json to class instance. We have used our own mapper for this in the past, but underlying table had only basic types so it was working fine. Now we have a need to map Postgres interval type to jooq YearToSecond and it is not working anymore. I was

Pass String array to Oracle query using jOOQ

I’m using the jOOQ code generator to call an query from an Oracle package. One of the parameters of the query is a String array. The first issue, is that the code generator used Object as the type of the parameter. The generated documentation tells me to use an explicit Binding, but doesn’t say how or where. I assume I

JOOQ Forced types to convert a BigInteger to BigDecimal for POSTGRES

for a Table , lets say myTable, I have a column myColumn.. the default JOOQ generation creates myColumn as BigInteger, I want to create it as BigDecimal. This is the converter I am using. How should be the forceType configuration look like in the XML file? Answer The reason why your columns are generated as BigInteger is because they’re of