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Pass String array to Oracle query using jOOQ

I’m using the jOOQ code generator to call an query from an Oracle package. One of the parameters of the query is a String array.

The first issue, is that the code generator used Object as the type of the parameter. The generated documentation tells me to use an explicit Binding, but doesn’t say how or where. I assume I have to configure something on the GenerationTool. How do I do that?

The second issue, is what actual value to pass. I’ve tried String[] and List<String>, but neither work. Then I ended up writing my own simple class:

public class MyStringArray extends ArrayRecordImpl<String> {
  public MyStringArray() {
    super(MySchema.MY_SCHEMA, "ARR_STR", SQLDataType.VARCHAR(255));

This works, but feels like a hack. How do I do it the “nice” way?



The most common reason why this happens for user defined types is because the type is in a different schema than the routine referencing it, or it was excluded explicitly using <excludes>. In both cases, you can either:

  • Do as the hint in the Javadoc suggests, and implement your own binding
  • Much better: include the referenced types in your code generation configuration

The generated Javadoc could be improved because jOOQ knows that the type is a user-defined type and that it’s missing from generation output. I’ve created an issue to improve this:

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