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Tag: casting

Don’t know how to create ISeq from: Java.lang.Long

Doing some practice on recursion and map implementation to knock some rust off Clojure. I’m using lists only here so how am I trying to mix seq and non-seqable stuff? REPL: Answer Some errors: replace ‘(finished-set) with finished-set into adds elements from one collection to another, I think you’re looking for conj (that’s the source of IllegalArgumentException) and if you’ll

I can’t understand casting interface to children that don’t have any parents

I am studying lambda and then WebClient Class so I am creating bean of WebClient I think top codes and bottom codes are the same I don’t understand this cast situation because HttpMessageWriter is interface and LoggingCodecSupport is class but LoggingCodecSupport doesn’t implement HttpMessageWriter, so I think HttpMessageWriter can’t cast to LoggingCodecSupport This is the code of HttpMessageWriter This is

Integer parameters formula returns integer

Code below makes foo value as -1149239296 i. e. integer value which is out of bounds: Seems like Java takes type of first parameter and tryes to return formula’s result with that type. Where in Java specification one can read that story? I made such suggestion cause actually returns sets long value to foo. Answer For this case, casting any