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Tag: clojure

Don’t know how to create ISeq from: Java.lang.Long

Doing some practice on recursion and map implementation to knock some rust off Clojure. I’m using lists only here so how am I trying to mix seq and non-seqable stuff? REPL: Answer Some errors: replace ‘(finished-set) with finished-set into adds elements from one collection to another, I think you’re looking for conj (that’s the source of IllegalArgumentException) and if you’ll

What is the best way to do GUIs in Clojure?

What is the best way to do GUIs in Clojure? Is there an example of some functional Swing or SWT wrapper? Or some integration with JavaFX declarative GUI description which could be easily wrapped to s-expressions using some macrology? Any tutorials? Answer I will humbly suggest Seesaw. Here’s a REPL-based tutorial that assumes no Java or Swing knowledge. Seesaw’s a