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Apache CXF – ClassCastException on Creating a Dynamic Client

I’m attempting to utilize the Apache CXF library to create a dynamic client that will read a WSDL and parse it into Java objects for processing. The application into which this logic is being implemented has been built using Spring Boot 2.7 and JDK11. The JAR artifact runs on the embedded Tomcat container provided with Spring Boot. JDK11 has removed

How to replace CXF base url in WSDLs

I’m using Apache CXF and Spring Boot to expose SOAP endpoints. Here’s the config: You can see that I expose one endpoint. It’s accessible at https://localhost:8081/daas/activate/activateGateway?wsdl: But this location=”https://localhost:8081/daas/activate/activateGateway is not valid because this service is behind api gateway. Is there a way to change the “base url”? For example to this https://localhost:8081/soap/daas/activate/activateGateway (notice the additional /soap prefix). These files

Installing metro-jax-ws and running wsimport issue

Since wsimport is not included since JDK11 (Where to download and how to install JAX-WS wsimport tools?), I think I need to install metro-jax-ws; however, there are no instructions on how to do so… Answer Download and unzip the latest release from here. Install maven. cd to metro-jax-ws-3.0.2/jaxws-ri/bundles and run mvn install. After mvn install, read the last line of

How work with soap in Spring boot like an object? [closed]

Closed. This question needs details or clarity. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Add details and clarify the problem by editing this post. Closed 9 months ago. Improve this question I got soap project, thats works with xsd file. But I no idea how to work with soap. How i can work with xsd file

Unmarshal SOAP response with CDATA in its body using JAXB

I am trying to unmarshal a SOAP respone using JAXB but without success. What I have so far are the model classes generated using an xsd and the following code which should unmarshal the response: Then I try to access the value of the <AnnahmeErfolgreich> element but instead of being true like in the response the object which unmarshaller gives

Caliing the getContentStream() function in FileNET/CMIS Web Services

I am attempting to call the getContentStream() function in the FileNET/CMIS SOAP/web service. It takes 2 required parameters, a String for the repositoryID, and a String for the documentID. The rest of the parameters are optional. The method signature is this: @WebParam(name=”repositoryId”, String arg0, @WebParam(name=”objectId”, String arg1, @WebParam(name=”streamId”, String arg2, @WebParam(name=”offset”, BigInteger arg3, @WebParam(name=”length”, BigInteger arg4, @WebParam(name=”extension”, CmisExtensionType arg5)

Is it possible to send a pretty printed SOAP request with apache cxf?

I’m using the apache cxf library as our SOAP client to transmit SOAP requests to a specific endpoint. Unfortunately it seems that this endpoint do have some trouble to correctly parse the data if it comes in one line (which is pretty much the standard). I’ve written a simple Test-Client which sends RAW Strings to that endpoint and with that

Update empty XML element using XPATH and DOM in Java

I have the following XML document stored as a String and want to update the SubID element that is empty using XPATH and DOM. I’m using the following code to fetch the node first using xpath and update it using DOM. As the XML document use namespaces I’m using local-name() in the xpath. After setting the value in the destination

org.springframework.beans.factory.UnsatisfiedDependencyException: Error creating bean with name ‘userServiceImpl’

I’m new at Spring Boot. And currently, I have a problem with the running the project. there is the error as and there is classes to consuming SOAP Configuration class Service class to generate methods PassPolicyService Service class I thought it’s happening because tried to @Autowire service class inside Service class. Then I tried to look up how to consume