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Unable to add boolean value to contextProperties map of JAXBDataBinding in cxf beans xml

I am trying to set com.sun.xml.bind.treatEverythingNillable property to true as mentioned in document. But is throwing error. How can I set the com.sun.xml.bind.treatEverythingNillable to Boolean TRUE Object? Error Windows 10 + JDK8 + Tomcat 8.75 + JAXB 3.3.10 Answer Copy / pasting the answer from the ticket ( The problem is that you initialize this property with string value

Convert Java object to XML string

Yes, yes I know that lots of questions were asked about this topic. But I still cannot find the solution to my problem. I have a property annotated Java object. For example Customer, like in this example. And I want a String representation of it. Google reccomends using JAXB for such purposes. But in all examples created XML file is