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Apache CXF – ClassCastException on Creating a Dynamic Client

I’m attempting to utilize the Apache CXF library to create a dynamic client that will read a WSDL and parse it into Java objects for processing. The application into which this logic is being implemented has been built using Spring Boot 2.7 and JDK11. The JAR artifact runs on the embedded Tomcat container provided with Spring Boot. JDK11 has removed

How to replace CXF base url in WSDLs

I’m using Apache CXF and Spring Boot to expose SOAP endpoints. Here’s the config: You can see that I expose one endpoint. It’s accessible at https://localhost:8081/daas/activate/activateGateway?wsdl: But this location=”https://localhost:8081/daas/activate/activateGateway is not valid because this service is behind api gateway. Is there a way to change the “base url”? For example to this https://localhost:8081/soap/daas/activate/activateGateway (notice the additional /soap prefix). These files

Unable to add boolean value to contextProperties map of JAXBDataBinding in cxf beans xml

I am trying to set com.sun.xml.bind.treatEverythingNillable property to true as mentioned in document. But is throwing error. How can I set the com.sun.xml.bind.treatEverythingNillable to Boolean TRUE Object? Error Windows 10 + JDK8 + Tomcat 8.75 + JAXB 3.3.10 Answer Copy / pasting the answer from the ticket ( The problem is that you initialize this property with string value

Is it possible to send a pretty printed SOAP request with apache cxf?

I’m using the apache cxf library as our SOAP client to transmit SOAP requests to a specific endpoint. Unfortunately it seems that this endpoint do have some trouble to correctly parse the data if it comes in one line (which is pretty much the standard). I’ve written a simple Test-Client which sends RAW Strings to that endpoint and with that

Vaadin with Apache CXF SOAP service

I am new to Vaadin, just generated the application in Vaadin web site and built it locally. Then I added Apache CXF SOAP service to it, but I am unable to use the Tomcat that Vaadin is using, but instead I load SOAP in Jetty using: My Vaadin application is: While this works, I would like to get rid of

Best way to consume RPC/encoded webservice?

I need to consume old-school RPC/encoded WSDL webservice for my backend. At first I tried to use Apache CXF and JAX-WS for that, but JAX-WS wsimport tool doesn’t eat rpc/enoded WSDL. [ERROR] rpc/encoded wsdls are not supported in JAXWS 2.0. I’m also in doubt about using JAX-RPC for this job, because it’s way out-dated. Axis 1.4 is 5 years old

Determine target service/method from CXF Interceptor

I’d like to write an interceptor for the Apache CXF JAX-RS implementation that inspects the target service/method for a particular annotation and does some special processing for that annotation. I can’t seem to find anything in the interceptor documentation that describes how to do this. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks! Answer Ah. I didn’t specify that I was using