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Tag: vaadin

How do I exclude certain Vaadin views from authentication?

I want to make a couple of Vaadin (v22) views accessible without a login, i.e. make them publicly available. I looked at this tutorial, which is probably outdated: There it says, that all views not using the @Secured annotation are publicly accessible. In my case it is different. Nothing is accessible at all, unless anotated with @PermitAll then logged

Vaadin object is not an instance of declaring class

I’m trying to call a method in class named (DataActions) to the dashboard view so the grid can be able to receive the objects given after the method execution, but still no luck solving this error (java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: object is not an instance of declaring class). -Class (DataSession) is the class responsible for opening the database session. -Class (DataActions) is the

Problem in running application with Vaadin and Spring (MySQL DB)

I am trying to connect a Vaadin project to a MySQL database following the instructions I found here: I downloaded the ready project in the article (also available here: I, then, created the dummy data schema in MySQL Workbench and tried to run the application via the Windows 10 Command line like this: mvn clean install -U /*all

Vaadin with Apache CXF SOAP service

I am new to Vaadin, just generated the application in Vaadin web site and built it locally. Then I added Apache CXF SOAP service to it, but I am unable to use the Tomcat that Vaadin is using, but instead I load SOAP in Jetty using: My Vaadin application is: While this works, I would like to get rid of

Relative coordinates of a click in Vaadin

I’m building an app with Vaadin 14 where the user is required to click an image and the coordinates from that click are then further processed. Vaadin seems to only offer click coordinates relative to …