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Tag: vaadin

Vaadin object is not an instance of declaring class

I’m trying to call a method in class named (DataActions) to the dashboard view so the grid can be able to receive the objects given after the method execution, but still no luck solving this error (java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: object is not an instance of declaring class). -Class (DataSession) is the class responsible for opening the database session. -Class (DataActions) is the

Relative coordinates of a click in Vaadin

I’m building an app with Vaadin 14 where the user is required to click an image and the coordinates from that click are then further processed. Vaadin seems to only offer click coordinates relative to …

Azure Storage Blob: Uploaded CSV file shows zero bytes

This problem I am facing in title is very similar to this question previously raised here (Azure storage: Uploaded files with size zero bytes), but it was for .NET and the context for my Java scenario is that I am uploading small-size CSV files on a daily basis (about less than 5 Kb per file). In addition the API code

autocomplete in vaadin?

I’m new to vaadin. How do I do autocomplete (actually, more like google suggest) on a huge set of data that cannot be loaded in memory, but instead performing a JPA query on every key event. Is it possible to capture key events on a textfield or combobox? Answer You could check out Henrik Paul’s SuperImmediateTextField, which is a Vaadin