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Tag: web-services

How to replace CXF base url in WSDLs

I’m using Apache CXF and Spring Boot to expose SOAP endpoints. Here’s the config: You can see that I expose one endpoint. It’s accessible at https://localhost:8081/daas/activate/activateGateway?wsdl: But this location=”https://localhost:8081/daas/activate/activateGateway is not valid because this service is behind api gateway. Is there a way to change the “base url”? For example to this https://localhost:8081/soap/daas/activate/activateGateway (notice the additional /soap prefix). These files

Connecting to webservice results in The server sent HTTP status code 200: OK

I made a wsdl using sun-jaxws. I created a web service client in Netbeans, and successfully called the wsdl web service. Then I configured my nginx server to access the web service by https. When I call the service over https I get the following error: The server sent HTTP status code 200: OK My wsdl is available by