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Installing metro-jax-ws and running wsimport issue

Since wsimport is not included since JDK11 (Where to download and how to install JAX-WS wsimport tools?), I think I need to install metro-jax-ws; however, there are no instructions on how to do so…



  1. Download and unzip the latest release from here.
  2. Install maven.
  3. cd to metro-jax-ws-3.0.2/jaxws-ri/bundles and run mvn install.
  4. After mvn install, read the last line of the installation process and find where jaxws-ri was installed (e.g., .m2/repository/com/sun/xml/ws/).
  5. cd to where jaxws-ri was installed and then also cd to {latest_version}/jaxws-ri/bin.
  6. Run (e.g., sh
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