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Tag: xpath site language setting radio button handling in selenium

I am new to selenium automation and while learning radio button handling in selenium, I tried to automate language setting in page. I am unable to select the radio button listed in the page. site: code used: driver.findElement(By.xpath(“//input[@value = ‘ta_IN’]”)).click(); (I tried to select the language tamil- TA (3rd radio button)). Can anyone guide me in this? Answer

XPath doesn’t locate element

I want to scrape links from this page. None of these works for me. Answer This should work for the title. However, there are 27 of them. So, you might want to use Another thing is that you might want to wait until the elements are visible, enabled, clickable, etc., on the page. For this, you need to do

Selenium – Find element at other element level

I have following piece of code to read value from one field: In this case I receive an empty string. If I do it in this way with long xpath it reads correct value: So my question is why using findElement at WebElement row doesn’t work. I’d like to do it this way because I need to read more values

Integrating regex in selenium xpath?

Hello I just start using selenium with java framework : I have this case : I need to count all the check boxes in my view which contains multiple pages (1,2,3) and in each web page i have a bunch of check boxes with the same xpath with different number see the exemple below: xpath fir the second checkbox in

How to find an element by mobile xpath with Appium matching @text attribute with a regular expression (regex)?

I’m automating Android apps using Selenium-Appium (Java) and I got some difficult to address the following need: I have an element that doesn’t have any of ID or ACCESSIBILITY ID configured. But I’ve noticed that its value is a fixed pattern, a date, like “dd/MM/yyyy”. So, I need “to get element in screen which pattern fits with ‘dd/MM/yyyy’ date pattern”.

How to get dynamic numbers using xpath?

How do I get dynamically changing numbers in the span block ? Method: I can’t figure out how to do this. My method xpatch which returns the value: How can I get dynamically changing numbers in such blocks for further comparison? Answer byRaetUSD is a webelement you should call getText to get the text or you can call if element

Update empty XML element using XPATH and DOM in Java

I have the following XML document stored as a String and want to update the SubID element that is empty using XPATH and DOM. I’m using the following code to fetch the node first using xpath and update it using DOM. As the XML document use namespaces I’m using local-name() in the xpath. After setting the value in the destination