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Tag: radio-button site language setting radio button handling in selenium

I am new to selenium automation and while learning radio button handling in selenium, I tried to automate language setting in page. I am unable to select the radio button listed in the page. site: code used: driver.findElement(By.xpath(“//input[@value = ‘ta_IN’]”)).click(); (I tried to select the language tamil- TA (3rd radio button)). Can anyone guide me in this? Answer

How can I change the drawable color of RadioButton’s background programmatically?

My radio buttons have background which is selector drawable. And I want to change the color of state_checked=”true” item’s drawable programmatically. The background of radiobutton : checkbox_membertag_active : and I tried in this way. I want to change the @color/white of active item to starColor which I pre-declared. But it’s still white color. Answer Try with ColorStatList like the Code

Struts2 Tags Radio button

I have this iterator that loops through an object. where answer is a boolean value, that I am trying to set through radio buttons. but the problem is, upon on the generated html, teh radio buttons. is like this It did not have the indice/index. it only gave me the %{#key.index} Answer you have to use property tag to get

Java Radio Button Variable Errors

So this works now, and i fixed the variable calling errors. but I get : My GUI Pops up but is blank, what is it now? I cannot figure out what the problem is at this time. This is very important to get resolved, thank you in advance. Answer the first error means when you call buildPanel(String, String) you need

Regarding the checked state of a Radio button

I currently have a layout where if the user presses the option 1 button a new layout is set where the radio button to its right is checked. Then the “Checker” button gets a new onClick value. How can I change this within the java code so that the option1clicked method sets the first radio buttons checked value to “true”.

Radio Button value retrieval using servlets

I’m quite new to the process of web development, so I apoligise if this seems a really silly question. Basically, I’m creating a servlet whereby a user will answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to three 3 questions, and then submit the form. What I wish to do is to retrieve the value of each button, and store it a data structure