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How would I give immediate feedback in a JSP?

I have a JSP form, that (when the user clicks the “submit” button) instantiates a Java class, and calls a method on it. This method then submits a request (in a proprietary format) to a server running on an entirely different box. That back-end server then either sends the submitting user an email, and returns “SUCCESS” to the Java method,

How to response with JSP file using JAX-RS?

I’ve just started learning Java. I’m trying to create a simple CRUD web application using JAX-RS. I’d like to have a few pages with forms that will be sending data to my API resources. Unfortunately, I don’t understand how I can render an html page using JAX-RS. Perhaps there is another way to do that? pom.xml web.xml Answer I

java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: “id” while trying to retrive related table column to jsp selectbox

This question kind of related to a previous one at Could not create query for public abstract com.example.repository.DocumentsRepository.findBytypeid Thank to all it was resolved. But now I have an other problem I am trying to make a selectbox with all rows from related column. Here is my JSP form And part of my controller to add rows: And I