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Tag: php

How to send JSONArray to PHP server using Volley?

I’m fairly inexperienced with Android programming and am having issues sending a JSONArray to my PHP server. I am using the following code to generate the JSONArray from my cursor: I believe I am misunderstanding how to properly send data via JsonARrayRequest. Here is the following code that I am using to send the data. Instead of sending the data,

Android Studio php connection

I’m trying to get information from db using php in android studio java. The php code works 100%. The problems is that when I open the app from the Android emulator the app closes itself almost …

PHP Bcrypt Salt as of 7.0

I am working on an application in which I have to compare 2 hashed passwords in a database, one password is being generated in PHP with $Password = password_hash($RawPassword, PASSWORD_BCRYPT); While …

Conversion table HTML/PHP/Java

I need to make a conversion table that essentially says if variable 1 is in this range and variable 2 is in this range then variable 3 = x. I’ve done this in PHP and it works, however for my current …