Repeat Volley Request Every x-seconds Java

Alright – Before you say this is a duplicate, I’ve looked over every stack overflow article I can find, and none of them work and/or answer the question properly/simply. All I need is to repeat a …

How to parse this json with multiple objects

devs I am stuck in parsing this kind of JSON I don’t understand how to get the value of status and message any help will be very appreciable. I get the value of error but when I want to access the …

How to get period when data is loaded to stop shimmer?

I am using Volley for requests and want to add shimmer while data is loading. I can perform it with Handler but I don’t know when data will come and can’t set exact time. Here is code in my Fragment. … SSL handshake aborted:

I’m getting the following error while trying to run on devices below android lollipop and it is working really well for version above lollipop.….