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Where is the best place to begin transaction using Hibernate in a tired web application with Struts 2?

I got this Java web application which uses Struts 2 and Hibernate. In the most upper layer comprises of the Struts 2 action classes. Then there are my business logic classes which are responsible for the logic of the application. Finally there is a DAO layer (called Database Bridge) which is responsible for communicating with the database. Currently I open

How to pass an object from front-end to Struts 2

I am trying to send value of a field to Struts2 back-end through JavaScript but it returns NullpointerException. Once form is submitted the request will be sent to the following JavaScript method to be sent to back-end. the request will be created and sent as following But in back-end when I try to show the value it returns NullPointerException. Java: