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Tag: angular

Problem sending the type date with Angular

When I add the date to Spring from Angular, Spring save the day before instead the date that I insert. When I tried on postman everything works so the problem is when Angular send the data. My code on Spring model is: in my controller: In my component.html: I really can’t figure out why, thanks a lot who gonna reply

CORS error with Angular call to Java service

I have an Angular application that makes a call to a Spring Boot Java service in a separate container. This gateway service calls two other services (one Java and one Python) as needed. Everything works fine running four Docker containers locally. When I run this in AWS ECS, I get the following two errors in my browser: Cross-Origin Request Blocked:

Storing multiple fields of address in entity class

I need to store multiple addresses, like address1 , address2 and zipcode etc. Should I declare all the fields individually? for instance: or is there any better way to declare them in entity class? I have been told creating entity classes is the best practice. Answer If only the addresses are multiple, it seems you have this situation:

Angular app gets CORS error only in chrome

On my Angular app (Local host app with remote server), I get CORS error only in chrome, in Firefox, it works perfectly. Once it worked on both, but suddenly it stopped working on Chrome, I guess it’s related to a kind of update (I guess of chrome?? ) Ofcorse, uploading the app to the production server works on both browsers.

Which IP does a call from angular use for backend call?

Maybe that’s a easy question (I am sure it is). But I couldn’t find an answer yet. My Angular frontend and Java Backend are running on the same server, with the same domain. From witch IP is the Backend called by the frontend? The server ip? Or the client ip of the user? Thanks!! Answer The frontend is only hosted

How can i implement download file From API

I can’t download file from my friend service java code from angular that i implement and i don’t know how to implement download file from angular please help me My Code Angular And I have code service that my friend implement like this when i click my download button and then it can’t downloadFile to me please help Answer Try