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Tag: reactjs

OAuth issue in API gateway

I am facing the OAuth issue, details are below: I am having two microservices: registration-service( student-service( For these two I have added : cloud-config-server( naminig-server( gateway( FrontEnd: is at react js: For first time use, a new user need to be register that can be done from curl: To login using the above registered user, below can be run

AXIOS POST Response Fetch

I have a React ui which is supposed to communicate with the backend and fetch data. Backend works well and here is its response to my request: while I receive this error in my React for the same request. The url is the same, the parameters are in place but still there is an error and I am not able

Spring Controller GET/POST/PUT to another interface

I am using React as frontend and Java Spring Boot as backend. React sends JSON form data as GET/PUT/POST requests to my backend url (http://localhost:8080/test). Now, I wan’t to send this JSON forward to another interfaces GET endpoint (https://another/interface/add?id={id}). This interface then queries database based on the id and answers 200 OK message with a JSON reply which I need

Storing multiple fields of address in entity class

I need to store multiple addresses, like address1 , address2 and zipcode etc. Should I declare all the fields individually? for instance: or is there any better way to declare them in entity class? I have been told creating entity classes is the best practice. Answer If only the addresses are multiple, it seems you have this situation:

Why Cookies are not set in the browser but works in Postman?

Backend is Spring boots. I setup cookie there and it is working fine with postman. Front End is ReactJS, I’ve used a POST method using Axios to get Login information. I am getting response, but cookies are not set. Tried many things. No Luck Answer Got a fix finally. WithCredentials should be passed like this from front-end. in Backend code,