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Tag: spring-security-oauth2

spring security hasAuthority(“SCOPE_xxx”) method not working with spring authorization server version 0.2.0

I have created an authorization server using the new spring authorization server module. I am able to get the token successfully but when I try to use the token against a protected endpoint with hasAuthority() I get forbidden 403 error. Below my pom.xml file Below is my Authorization Server config And this is my Security Config Here is my user

Spring 5 Oauth2 – How to provide the check token URL in my Resource server?

I need some help.. I set up an AuthorizationServer using @EnableAuthorizationServer from Spring-security-oauth2 for grant type “client_credentials”. Able to create, check tokens and everything good with this. /oauth/token /oauth/checkToken Followed this sample for Authorization server I have a separate project that has the REST APIs to be secured. I can’t use @EnableResourceServer because that project uses Spring 5.2.8 and the