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Tag: garbage-collection

Is the System.gc() call in a bad case?

From jdk/ at jdk8-b120. Does this help with exception recovery? Answer When an object allocation fails with an OutOfMemoryError, the garbage collector did already try its best to reclaim memory of unused objects or expanding the heap. So calling System.gc() after catching OutOfMemoryError would be pointless. A special case is the situation when the garbage collector repeatedly did reclaim a

CMS GC – How to profile young gen heap?

I’m able to use jmap command to dump JVM memory heap. The issue is, I have a program with heavier young gen GC activities compared to the previous version when checking from the GC logs, and when I ran memory profiler, the biggest objects are always the ones in the old gen. So it makes troubleshooting more difficult when you

Cold streams and publishers, is the Garbage Collector fully aware of its true death?

When instanceSubscriptorManager is unable to receive any more boolean values, the last thing to be performed will be a false as isActive, removing localConsumer from publisher. How is localConsumer “aware” that instanceSubscriptorManager will be unable to receive an isActive -> true (again) sometime in the future, especially since the class is self-referencing itself? In short, this class is hold by

Make ZGC run often

ZGC runs not often enough. GC logs show that it runs once every 2-3 minutes for my application and because of this, my memory usage goes high between GC cycles (as high as 90%). After GC, it drops to as low as 20%. How to increase GC run’s frequency to run more often? Answer -XX:ZCollectionInterval=N – set maximum gap between