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Tag: garbage-collection

Why is SerialGC chosen over G1GC?

I am running Java on very similar VMs and I can’t find the explanation why the SerialGC is chosen over G1GC in one case. It’s the same Java version, same OS, same VM instance type on AWS, and I suspect the only difference is container settings but I do not know how to pinpoint what changes. Is there a way

Need an explanation for apparent heap size reduction

From the GC logs, it appears that the heap size is being reduced across young and old generations after sometime. Below are three entries from the logs. {Heap before gc invocations=5: PSYoungGen total 44800K, used 44180K [0x18220000, 0x1b420000, 0x24a20000) eden space 38400K, 100% used [0x18220000,0x1a7a0000,0x1a7a0000) from space 6400K, 90% used [0x1ade0000,0x1b3853c8,0x1b420000) to space 6400K, 0% used [0x1a7a0000,0x1a7a0000,0x1ade0000) PSOldGen total 51200K,