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java Program runtime is too fast? Issue with Memory

So I am running some simulations that require some sample datasets. For the sake of simplicity I am using this Lorem Ipsum generator. I am setting a test parameter called DATASIZE that sets the amount of words or paragraphs this generator creates. I am using this generated data to create an “input” and “output” hash. The output data will

How can we simulate OutOfMemory: Metaspace?

I have a task to simulate OutOfMemory: Metaspace error intentionally. I tried different ways, but none gave me needed result. Can someone share good example for this purpose? My first attempt (using javassist): and settings in file: org.gradle.jvmargs=-XX:MaxMetaspaceSize=70M but I’ve got an error: Exception: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError thrown from the UncaughtExceptionHandler in thread “main” which I couldn’t catch. My second attempt:

Java JNA – Base Address Finding

I am currently attempting to read/write to memory through the use of JNA for Java. For the past week I have tried a multitude of solutions, mostly from similar projects I have found online, but …

Memory map for Neo4j embedded

When using Neo4j in the embedded mode (Java API), one can manually set memory map settings using the following API calls (or similar): My question is: Is the mapped memory allocated out of Java heap/extended memory or from the rest of the memory available. I know that for Neo4j server the latter is correct as long as it is run

Need an explanation for apparent heap size reduction

From the GC logs, it appears that the heap size is being reduced across young and old generations after sometime. Below are three entries from the logs. {Heap before gc invocations=5: PSYoungGen total 44800K, used 44180K [0x18220000, 0x1b420000, 0x24a20000) eden space 38400K, 100% used [0x18220000,0x1a7a0000,0x1a7a0000) from space 6400K, 90% used [0x1ade0000,0x1b3853c8,0x1b420000) to space 6400K, 0% used [0x1a7a0000,0x1a7a0000,0x1ade0000) PSOldGen total 51200K,